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Logistics Tracking

With the use of JobLogic, a service management software system, we are able track any member of our workforce to ensure our team is working as efficiently and as logically as possible.

We use this software to track the full job and maintain tight control over our workload, from call logging and preventative maintenance scheduling through to completion and invoicing. We can then use this system to link to our accounts software and communicate with our field engineers to keep our business running fluently.

The use of this system enables us to stay one step ahead of our competition, giving our management full control of any job and making any issues a lot easier to deal with.

Benefits we gain from this system

  • Easily accessible central database & helpdesk
  • Diary & maintenance planning
  • Efficient & accurate job costing
  • Invoicing, purchase orders & documents produced on demand
  • Photographs taken before & after each job
  • Full stock control
  • Maximising our engineers potential & minimising downtime.
JobLogic System